Spit Roast Hog

Hog Roast Machine

Spit Roasts

Our Spit Roast Pork or Spit Roast Lamb has been a family speciality at Christian Faversham for years, in fact we now operate 25 of the best CE approved hog roasting machines available in Europe.

Our spit roast machines are particularly handy for serving large numbers of people. We can confidently offer our spit roast catering option for groups as large as 3,000 people. Our largest involvement (5,000 guests) was to supply equipment and manage the Hog Roast Shack at The Eden Project when they hosted Live 8.

We have built excellent relationships with some of the UK's best butchers and meat wholesalers. You can be assured of the exceptional quality of our pigs. We can also offer an organic pig or a local free range Plantation Pig if you prefer.

Our spit roast English lamb is sourced from a local supplier or market. We do not supply frozen New Zealand lamb.

Pork Spit Roast

An British free range hog roast will be roasted on the spit whole and sprinkled with salt regularly during the cooking to produce the best crackling.

Countless guests have told us that ours is the most succulent spit roasted pork that they have ever tasted - not to mention the crackling!

Lamb Spit Roast

Our lamb is marinated then roasted on the spit in the French style with Rosemary and wholegrain mustard, and studded with Garlic.

The taste of a whole spit roast lamb is spectacular with a flavour that far surpasses cooking in a domestic oven. We order from a 24 hour bakery which provides freshly baked breads for our popular Hog and Lamb Roast.

Beef Sirloin

A whole strip loin of Extra Mature Scottish Beef is carefully cooked and served either in carved slices or a whole 6oz sirloin steak. A red wine and shallot reduction will make a perfect accompaniment for this delicious dish

The secret of good catering and happy guests that enjoy our food is quite simple. We choose the best suppliers and have invested in the best equipment and staff to produce what is undoubtedly the Top Outside Catering provider in the UK for reliability, quality and capacity to serve simultaneously freshly prepared three and four course menus to guest numbers of 450 without having to 'cross hire' any equipment, tableware, kitchen equipment.

Catering Area

Our in house marquee department can arrange for shelter from the wind and rain if required. It should be noted that Outside Catering doesn't mean outside in the elements, it means outside of a building or static kitchen, but in a secure well lit temporary structure.

After being inspected voted one of the top catering establishments in the EHDC area we are confident that we will again be fully booked out again in 2010 and 2011.